The Colorado Karting Tour is a regional racing series for competitive, high-performance go kart racing in the state of Colorado. The sport of karting has traditionally separated racing classes on the basis of two primary factors:

  • Age of the driver
  • Minimum weight (of kart and driver together)

Together, these two factors have driven karting class structure for nearly 6 decades.

Thanks to the dedicated work of renown sanctioning bodies such as the FIA, the International Karting Federation, and SKUSA, the class structure present today with CKT has been tailored to provide a progressive, safe, and reasonable progression for kart racers from the age of 5 and upward.

At The Colorado Karting Tour, we do our best to provide a racing class for all ages, experience level, and racing budget. Below is our 2020 list of racing classes, with a place for anyone age 5 and up to race.

*Note: ‘LBS’ denotes the minimum weight that the kart and driver must weigh upon exiting the racetrack after each racing event (driver, kart, and all safety equipment are weighed together).

Questions about a racing class? Contact us to learn details about any class listed.

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