The Colorado Karting Tour is proud to share the winter CKT iRacing League! If you’re jones-ing to get some off-season racing in against real drivers at race tracks across the globe, this is the league for you!

Who we are and what we do? 

The CKT iRacing League was formed in 2019 by a passionate group of Colorado Karting Tour drivers and was a great success with full grids and high-level competition from CKT drivers as well as their close friends and family. Any active or past CKT member as well as the close friends and family of a CKT past or present member is welcome to join. This is a free series that offers real world prizes, professionally broadcasted races, and great competition during the cold Colorado real world racing off-season.

How do I sign up?

If you are already set up on iRacing proceed to Step 1. If you are not already set up with an account or are new to sim racing, please visit the CKT iRacing League Facebook page or Discord server and ask for information on getting set up. There are also some additional resources at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Click here and request to join the Colorado Karting Tour iRacing league.

Step 2: Purchase one of the following cars if you do not already own one.

Step 3: Install the Free Driver Information application based on the instructions here. Once installed fill in as much information as you can and follow the instructions given to have it running during the race. This information will be used by our broadcasting team during our live events so be sure to share some fun facts about yourself and do not list anything that you don’t want shared on a live broadcast! Note: The page you are taken to has a subscription footer on their site for their other applications. The Driver Information application is free.

That’s it! After those three steps are complete you are ready to race… BUT, there is more! The following steps are highly recommended. They only take a minute, please see below.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (borderline required) NEXT STEPS:

  • Join the CKT iRacing League Facebook page. This is where most discussion regarding the league takes place. Ask questions, speak with the community, make suggestions, and maybe get some pre or post-race banter in here. In addition to the iRacing league page on this is the secondary location where the latest information is released and is a great way to learn about any changes, news, or updates happening in the league. Click here to join.
  • Join the 403Racing Discord server. While in race communications will use the built in iRacing voice channels most of our racers also use Discord as a way to communicate, set up practice sessions, discuss the series, and really just keep in touch with others from CKT. Our broadcast team will be using this channel for post-race interviews with the top 3 drivers of each race so this step is a highly recommended step if you plan on winning… and you do plan on winning right? Thought so. To join, click here.  

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, and you just cannot get set up with the information on this page, have an unanswered question, would like to be a sponsor of the series, or just want to chat, please send an email to [email protected]

2021 CKT iRacing Winter Challenge 

brought to you by and the Colorado Karting Tour.

Season Details and Schedule: 

This year all races will use the GT4 Class with the baseline setup. A step up from the Skip Barber of last year as one thing our racers wanted more of was speed! One of these cars does need to be purchased before you can race! While the CKT iRacing League is not charging any entry fees and most content is free, the car and two of the tracks are paid content. While there are two paid tracks there are also three drop races so if purchasing tracks is not in your budget you can still make a run at the points championship! 

On race nights all drivers will join the race no later than 6:45 p.m. for the required drivers meeting with qualifying starting at 7 p.m. All races will take place on Sunday evenings.

Normal Race Format:




We hope to have a lot of fun this season, let’s go racing 🙂