Sponsors 206 Lights for 2023!

I would like to introduce your 206 Lights sponsor for 2023! has been bringing the racing community together for the past couple of years. They specialize in making it safer for the racers by helping (young and old) develop better racing habits and better racing for all.

Upload from almost any device that has GPS built in (Alfano, Mychron, Go Pro, Etc.) and you can learn all about your racing lines, braking points, acceleration points, etc.! Compare yourself to your friends and family.

Here is a link to their YouTube page that helps explain all that they can do! Fastlap YouTube

As a special offer for CKT, when you sign up, you will get one month free of their premium service! Go to to sign up!

Use promo code: CKT2023

We are excited to welcome to Colorado and the CKT community!