Finding the right kart for you can be a challenge. So can selling it! We are here to help.

The Colorado | Colorado’s Leading Kart Racing Community Resource

The Colorado Karting Tour is always on the lookout for karts for sale within the Denver metro area, as well as greater Colorado. While we do our best to contact karters or those with karts and equipment that they wish to sell, we cannot do it alone, and realize that we need your help to get karts into the hands of people that would like to start racing, or are looking for a change/upgrade from their current equipment.  That’s where our New Karting Ambassador, and friends at The Colorado come in!

Whether you are new to karting and considering your first karting purchase or are an experienced racer with some equipment you wish to sell, The Colorado is a resource for you to utilize!

We realize that a kart gathering dust does no one any good, and by taking these actions, you can ensure that your equipment is placed in front of 300-400 active participants in the Colorado karting community. If you have a kart you would like to sell, reach out to us via email with a brief description of your kart or equipment, or directly to The Colorado, at their email: [email protected]

Current listings can be found on The Colorado Karter’s classified listing page.