Karting Is a Complicated Sport – but it doesn’t have to be with the right mentorship and community! Let Us Help You Get Started.

A word from a member of our team excited to help you enter the sport: 

Eric Gunderson | Director, Raceday Operations

“Hello, My name is Eric Gunderson, and I joined the Colorado kart racing community in 2016, after many years of my own racing. On race day I’m working hard to help our team of volunteers and officials have the tools they need to provide you with an awesome race day experience. Between races, I’m likely answering your emails to CKT, updating our social media outlets, or handling something karting related!¬†Like many in Colorado, I am passionate about the sport, and where we are headed as a community. I am excited to speak with you more about your interest in the sport, and I genuinely enjoy helping new members!

The Colorado region has a rich history of performance kart racing that was here far before The Colorado Karting Tour came along. Now, as the region’s largest kart racing series, we continue to learn and grow with each season. New racers mean new lessons for all of us!

I realize that this sport can seem daunting at first, but given time it can be learned. Let us help you take the first few steps the right way, by starting with your goals relating to the sport, and expanding from there. We will consider your budget, past driving experience, and answer any and all questions you have regarding kart racing within the region.

The sport grows when we take the time to help each other. To reach out to us, and to speak to me directly about CKT and kart racing, email us at: [email protected], or give me a call anytime: 858 335 7545.