Whether a new or returning racer, we realize that some may want to fill out the required paperwork from the comfort of their own home prior to attending this event. CKT is here to help!

SPECIAL NOTE: As of Jan 01, 2018, regional series are responsible for handling International Karting Federation (IKF) membership applications! Please do not contact the IKF inquiring about your membership, and do not submit paperwork to the IKF. Submit all paperwork listed here to CKT, at the mailing address listed on the CKT membership form!

All of the critical documents for 2019 season registration can be found here (or below with further instructions).

Please take some time to read our tips and explanations surrounding each of these documents before filling them out. This exercise will help you breeze through the forms, which are each important and vital to have on file prior to competing with CKT. These documents include the Colorado Karting Tour and IKF membership applications, and the minor release form (which needs to be notarized).

Don’t forget – The earlier you turn in your member applications, the sooner you are set to get started on your 2019 Colorado Karting Tour season! If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

SPECIAL NOTE(2): If you are a first-time IKF member, and driver is aged 15 or under, YOU MUST BRING IN THE DRIVERS ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, OR A VERIFIED COPY!

We will also need a photocopy of this document to mail to the IKF. Without the original (and copy) of the birth certificate, we cannot finish the application.

Membership Forms

The application form can be found here.

The annual fee is $80 for the Member (adult) and it includes the first racer. Additional racer registrations are $35 each.

Below are a couple of other clarifications:

  • Member Name - This is parent or legal guardian, not the racer.
  • Transponders – This year the club has very limited operational transponders. Rental of the transponders will be on a first come, first serve basis to club members first. It is an aging fleet and soon to be obsolete. In order to ensure your racing integrity, it’s time to rent a transponder, on your own, from My Laps. They offer the X2 Transponders, and can come with a subscription for 1, 2 or 5 years. When the subscription ends, you can renew it with another period: choose the subscription that fits your racing career best.
  • Racing Number – Racers that are returning in 2018 to the same class they competed in the 2017 will get to keep their number if they wish. Any racing number that was not raced last year in each class, can be requested on the form. To inquire if a number has been used, or is available, contact us via email. In the case of multiple request for the same number, we will select the racer who registered first.
  • The CKT membership forms includes the IKF fees on the form to make it easy to calculate the totals. This is not on top of the fees that are on the IKF form, but a duplicate to help members write one check to The Colorado Karting Tour to cover both forms. Please fill out both forms with the correct totals, but know you will only write a check for the totals on The Colorado Karting Tour form, and we will mail the IKF fee to them on your behalf!

This application can be paid with one check made out to: “The Colorado Junior Karting Club”
The IKF Application form can be found here.

When filling out the application, “National Members Name” should be the parent or legal guardian of the racer(s) and the $60.00 fee applies to them. The racer(s) go under “Family Membership”, which will be $10.00 per racer.

Please bring the racers original birth certificate and a copy of the certificate for the IKF’s files (If racer is 15 or under). If you are a returning IKF member, we will not need the original birth certificate as it will already be on file with the IKF. For new members, we cannot complete this form without the birth certificate.

The Colorado Karting Tour is an IKF “Sprint” series. Disregard any reference to Road Race, Shifter or Sprint TaG.

This application can be paid with one check made out to: “The Colorado Junior Karting Club”.
This form can be found here.

Must be filled out and notarized. We will have a notary at the event to help get this completed (or you can fill it out and have it notarized before the event)

For “Description of Events,” write: “High Performance Kart Racing, Regional
The racer and parent pledge can be found here. It is a great form to read and discuss with your racer!