At its essence, CKT is a group of Colorado kart racing families and members with a mission to provide people of all ages 5 and above a fun, organized, safe, and educational organization to participate in the exciting sport of karting.

Founded in 2007, The Colorado Junior Karting Club (CJKC) was founded to encourage kids 5-15 to learn to race in a safe and fun environment. In 2014, a dedicated team of directors, board members, and volunteers re-organized the club, merged with the Pikes Peak Kart Racing Club, and formed what is now known as the Colorado Karting Tour, a registered 501c3 non-profit, run and managed by volunteers.

In 2016, the club further expanded, welcoming Rotax racing classes as well as new race day officials, and series members. The CJKC changed the series name to reflect the new face of the series. As a result of this expansion,  2016 marked a breakout year for CKT in terms of field size, competitor engagement, and racing action.

The Colorado Karting Tour has taken steps to set itself apart form most regional karting series in the United States. Unlike many local clubs or smaller regional series, CKT races at multiple tracks across the state of Colorado, in contrast to the majority of karting clubs, which focus on one track. This provides our racers the advantage of experiencing multiple tracks, which gives our drivers more experience at Colorado’s challenging karting facilities.

CKT also has made efforts to provide a diverse racing class lineup so that drivers of all ages, experience levels, and budgets can have a competitive and compelling class to race at each event. Our Briggs & Stratton-powered classes allow drivers to experience the power and racing action popular in many 2-cycle classes, but at a fraction of the cost. This keeps racing affordable, which makes it encouraging and engaging for families looking to develop their young racer, or to race a full season themselves. In 2016, we also began the incorporation of popular 2-cycle classes as well. Our Rotax, TaG, and Shifter classes feature close racing, and the ability to earn credentials to compete at regional and national-level events.

If you have additional questions or constructive comments about the Colorado Karting Tour, please reach out to us at: [email protected]

For more about CKT, click here to learn about our kart classes, leadership, and FAQ.