The Colorado Karting Tour is Colorado’s premier high performance go-kart racing series, with classes that are designed to help racers of all ages have a competitive, fun, and safe environment to compete in. Our mission is to provide people of all ages 5 and above a fun, organized, safe, and educational organization to participate in the exciting sport of karting.

Founded in 2007, The Colorado Junior Karting Club (CJKC) was founded to encourage kids 5-15 to learn to race in a safe and fun environment. In 2014, the club merged with the Pikes Peak Kart Racing Club to form The Colorado Karting Tour, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, run and managed by volunteers. In 2016, the club further expanded, welcoming Rotax racing classes.

CKT has taken steps to set itself apart form most regional karting series in the United States. Unlike many local clubs or regional series, CKT races at multiple tracks across the state of Colorado, in contrast to the majority of karting clubs which focus on one track. This provides our racers the advantage of experiencing multiple tracks during the racing season.